I Never Thought I’d See You Again A Novelists, Inc. Anthology Edited By Lou Aronica The Story Plant ISBN-13:978-1-61188-080-9

I Never Thought I’d See You Again, edited by Lou Aronica, is a collection of sixteen short stories by sixteen successful writers. In the introduction Mr. Aronica reveals that the title is actually a “writing prompt” that was presented to the writers and it is used in all the stories. Each author introduces their offering and I found these to be as interesting as the stories themselves. The subject content varies from story to story and include themes of what really matters in life and death.
In Facing the Mirror, by Dianne Despain, Maggie Holmes learns she has cancer while she is an Emergency Room. Her experience is almost surreal: The physician who gives her the diagnosis has more interest in getting to a party than comforting her patient. Then there is the oncologist who after ordering tests has not gotten back in touch with her with the results after seven weeks. The author’s writing is direct and poignant. When reading this well written story the reader is one with Maggie Holmes.
Fabian’s Wake by Laura Resnick opens with Eileen expressing surprise and shock when her deceased father leaves his coffin during his wake. It becomes clear that she is the only one to witness this and she is the only one who can hear him speak. There is a reason for these occurrences. With wit and engaging dialogue the author has crafted a marvelous story about regrets and family.
Solomon’s Paradox, by Kelly McClymer, is a story I will never forget. Ben is responsible for his best friend’s death. In this mesmerizing story, atonement is offered in the form of allowing the deceased friend to return from the dead and to live in Ben’s body for one year. This is their haunting tale.
All the stories in this collection leave an impression and each is worth reading.
I received this book free of charge through NetGalley and I give this review of my own free will.


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