Shelf Life: The Publicist, Book Two by Christina George ISBN-10 1484984684

Shelf Life: The Publicist, Book Two, by Christina George, is the sequel to The Publicist (Book One). Even though Shelf Life stands on its own, I recommend reading The Publicist as it is a terrific book.
Shelf Life protagonist, Kate, is a publicist for a New York publishing company. Her clients are an interesting group. Author, Chelsea, has to be medicated before she can be interviewed on national television. The Shenkman twins, who murdered their parents in order to get their inheritance, want their book printed and marketed. They might be getting a retrial. Then there is Sasha who posted anonymous rave reviews for her own book. Kate learns of this when she receives a call from the New York Times. Add to the mix Kate’s married lover, Mac, and Nick who is single, good looking and in love with her and it becomes obvious Kate’s life is far from boring. Without warning a scandal erupts at the publishing company that destroys Kate’s life as she knows it. Leaving her job and lover behind, Kate slowly builds a new life in California with Nick. Due to an unexpected gift Kate embarks on a new successful venture. On the surface it appears she has healed, but how well does she know herself? Can this New Yorker remain happy in California? And, what about Mac? Can she move on without him? Sometimes the past suddenly appears in the present.
This is a well told story of life in the publishing world. The author uses both wit and clear prose to describe interesting and believable characters who were all quite human. For me, this book did not feel like fiction and I didn’t want it to end. Readers will find much to enjoy in this book and I recommend reading it.

I received this book free of charge and I give this review of my own free will.


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