Thanksgiving by Ellen Cooney Publerati ISBN 97809850500470

In Ellen Cooney’s beautifully written novel, Thanksgiving, the reader comes to know the Morley family over a period of 350 years. Beginning in 1662, we follow generations of Morley women as they prepare a part of the holiday meal until 2012 in the same kitchen. With each generation we travel through history as though we are living it with the family.
At one point a family member wanted the Morley house to be declared a historically important home. They were told the house was not “historically significant”. I disagree. Any house that has been a home to so many generations of interesting people who have found a way to adapt to the changes time brings while remaining loyal to each other, in my opinion, is “historically significant”. The author has developed believable and charismatic characters. Even with their flaws and weaknesses they are alluring people. It was not always by their own choice that some of the Morley women came to live in the homestead. What matters is how they accepted their fate and how they merged mind and heart.
This is a unique book and a true accomplishment. The author has crafted a memorable novel.

I received this book free of charge through Net Galley and I give this review of my own free will.


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