An Improper Situation by Sydney Jane Baily Cat Whisper Press ISBN 978-0615701196

A knock at Charlotte Sanborn’s door changed her life forever. At her door stood handsome Boston attorney, Reed Malloy, and her deceased cousin’s two young children. Had Charlotte read the letter Reed sent her a month ago she would have known that the cousin she had never seen had, in her will, given her custody of her children. An Improper Situation, by Sydney Jane Baily, is about an unpredictable journey. Charlotte, a successful writer, had been on her own since she was fourteen. Accustomed to a solitary existence, she believed she didn’t need or want anyone and that included these children. She made this clear to Reed, but he refused to back down. He told her that the three of them are staying to “assess the situation”. Over time this family, of sorts, bonds. Suddenly “She knew in an instant that all the years of feeling proud of her self-sufficient isolation were a sham. She was a coward, afraid to love because of the pain it caused.” She and Reed entered into an intensely complicated relationship. He returned to Boston and the children stayed with Charlotte. Months later a custody issue results in Charlotte and the children traveling to Boston in order to meet with her aunt who is the children’s grandmother. While other doors open for Charlotte in Boston, both professionally and culturally, her relationship with Reed remains complicated. The pace of the story builds slowly. A startling discovery places Charlotte in a life threatening situation. Can her wits save her?
Readers will find much to enjoy in this well written story. The author skillfully brings the characters to life with vivid prose. We follow their fears, growths and struggles with interest to the very end of the story.

I received this book free of charge through Library Thing and I give this review of my own free will.


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