Dancing In The Kitchen by Susan Sterling ISBN 10:0985050411 Publerati

On the surface, the Morris family appeared to be average and stable: two parents with a son and a daughter. Dancing In The Kitchen, a novel by Susan Sterling, is the story of what this family discovers and does after the patriarch, Edward C. Morris, dies. Son, Rob, and daughter, Annie return to their childhood home to help their mother through the grieving process. Mrs. Morris does not appear to be grieving and makes it clear she doesn’t care what happens to her husband’s remains. Perhaps the marriage was not what it seemed. While what Annie and Rob discover about their parents is presented separately, the stories are interlocking. The siblings reflect on their childhood and struggle to come to grips with their present lives.
The author has written an eloquent novel that deals with the consequences of betrayal and secrecy. With tension constantly building, the vividly portrayed characters take great emotional risks. What follows as a result is often surprising. This book is a journey into the minds of its complex characters and it’s not one that is soon forgotten.

I received this book free of charge and I give this review of my own free will


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