Nothing Ventured by Jane Oldaker ISBN 978-0-9881533-0-1

Molly Malone is a fiercely independent, attractive, single woman. She comes from a wealthy family, but her accomplishments are purely her own. Her goal is to “build reproduction Victorian mansions”. She needs money, and lots of it, to start her project. Nothing Ventured, by Jane Oldaker, is the story of what happens once Molly meets Paul Farnswoth who represents a group considering giving her the venture capital she needs to proceed.. As a bonus, he is good looking, wealthy, and an all around nice guy. They are attracted to each other. On the surface, this should be enough to lay the groundwork for a romantic relationship. Unfortunately, their first meeting does not go as either had hoped, but things improve and they move forward. Their romantic relationship is based on trust and respect. Unexpectedly, Paul is forced into violating Molly’s trust and things go downhill rapidly. It remains to be seen if they can get past this.
This story is reminder that sometimes it is all right to take chances. By doing so, Molly and Paul learn a great deal about themselves and what really matters. The author writes with sensitivity, wisdom and wit. The well developed characters complement and challenge either other. Often, they surprise the reader. The author has skillfully crafted a highly readable novel.
I was given this book for free and I give this review of my own free will.


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