For Prayers Not Answered by Melynda Taylor Balboa Press ISBN: 978-1-4525-5895-0

A chance meeting between two women in an airport terminal puts into motion events that lead Sybil, the protagonist of Melynda Taylor’s novel, to the relationship of a lifetime. As the strangers await a delayed flight to Lisbon, they begin what will become a strong and lifelong friendship.

Through this friendship, Sybil is introduced to Lucas, and from the beginning they have a mutual attraction that is much more than physical. Even though their backgrounds are different, they are a great deal alike. Both are cultured, educated deep thinkers with strong convictions and solid values. Lucas is a man of the world who is comfortable with who he is, and Sybil is a strong, accomplished and admirable woman who brings much to the relationship. The reader comes to know both characters through their intimately detailed and epic conversations. Neither is threatened by the other’s strengths.

In elegant prose, the author has skillfully crafted a remarkable love story of two special people who know how to communicate with each other honestly.

This is a special and memorable book and I recommend reading it.

I received this book free of charge and I give this review of my own free will.


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