Here to Stay by Melissa Tagg Bethany House ISBN978-0-7642-1133-1

It’s been said that we can’t forget the past and that the past can’t be changed. Here to Stay, the novel by Melissa Tagg, is the story of how a tragedy that occurred several years ago impacted the lives of two families. There was no love lost between the Hunziker and the Kingsley families, both professionally and personally. After his brother’s death, Blake Hunziker left his hometown of Whisper Shore to seek adventure. He returned home to a surprising reception from his family. At the same time Autumn Kingsley is trying to make her family’s inn attractive enough for an investor to take it over. After her father’s death her mother had turned the inn over to Autumn, but all she really wanted was to accept a job offer in Paris and to see the world. Blake and Autumn’s path cross when he asks for her help in planning the town’s Christmas Festival.
Autumn has her own reasons for not wanting to help him, but his offer to help with much needed repairs at her inn causes her to change her mind. A relationship develops, but it is complicated by the emotional baggage they carry from a past they can not change. Blake feels guilt about his brother’s death and Autumn has a less than desirable relationship with her mother and sister. Whereas Blake wants to make a life in Whisper Shore, Autumn wants a life elsewhere. The author brings to life realistic characters and the reader follows them as they try discover what is worth doing and where.
I feel this is a meaningful book and very well written. I recommend reading it.

I received this book for free from Bethany House and I give this review of my own free will.


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