One Calamitous Spring A Novel of Santa Fe by Edward F. Mendez Casa de Snapdragon ISBN978-1-937240-35-6

Theodora Mercedes Silverton Vigil is a force to be reckoned with as she is a strong, passionate and highly principled woman.    We are introduced to her in Edward F. Mendez’s fascinating novel, One Calamitous Spring.  Theodora Mercedes, as she prefers to be called, is from an old Santa Fe family and  she resides in the home she was born. Living with her are her widowed daughter and her three young children, her adult son and long term housekeeper and friend. Her grandson is autistic and her son is gay, but none of this is a problematic for her. Until one spring, she led an orderly life that included lavishing unconditional love on her family, helping the poor and always respecting the beauty and power of the universe.  However, there is more to Theodora Mercedes as she possesses a “gift”.

During this particular spring, Theodora Mercedes and those close to her come face to face with the unimaginable losses and tragedies. In spite of it all, new meaningful relationships develop.  Faith is questioned and, perhaps, redefined. As the readers follows the events of this truly “calamitous spring”, it becomes obvious that Theodora Mercedes is the power source of her family.  She is not a selfish woman, so she shares her wisdom and her insightfulness. Will this be enough to help those she loves to face their future?

I found this to be a beautifully written emotional story. The characters are intriguing and even though bad things happen to them, they continue to grow. This is a truly unique story.

I received this book for free and I give this review of my own free will. 


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