Where Trust Lies by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan (Return to the Canadian West 2) Bethany House ISBN 978-0-7642-1318-2

Beth Thatcher is a child of privilege from Toronto. For the past year she has been teaching school in Coal Valley, a small town in the Canadian West. In Where Trust Lies, a novel by Janette Oke and Laurel Oke Logan, Beth comes home to reunite with her loving family. She is given the surprising news that a cruise has been planned for her mother, Beth and her sisters. She has left Coal Valley with a heavy heart as she is not certain she will be invited back to teach another year. But, a job she loved is not all she left behind. She cares deeply for Jarrick, a Mountie, and it was difficult to leave him behind. She doesn’t know where their relationship is headed. Even with so much uncertainty in her life, she agrees to accompany her family. What should have been a happy and family bonding experience turns into anything but when one of them becomes the victim of a crime.

This is a well told story that examines the intricacies of a family. Their relationships and loyalties to each other are tested in ways they could not have foreseen. They come face to face with their vulnerabilities and they need each other and their faith to get through. Even though Jarrick rushes to Beth’s side to offer support, her faith is still tested. Will any of them ever be the same? The authors bring to the reader a compelling story and I recommend reading this book.

I received this book free of charge and I give this review of my own free will.


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