The Miracle Girl by Andrew Roe Algonquin Books of Chapel Hill ISBN 978-1-61620-360-3

As a baby, Anabelle Vincent cried continuously. Even as a young child it became obvious she was different from her peers in a number of ways. By the time she was eight years old, as the result of an accident, she was in a “coma-like state”. Against medical advice, her mother brought her home from the hospital instead of sending her to a facility. Word spread quickly that Anabelle is a healer- a bringer of miracles. “Perhaps the first miracle was that she did not die, and here it was, approaching a year after the accident.” Andrew Roe’s novel, The Miracle Girl, is the engrossing story about the Vincent family and of some of the people who turn to Anabelle. Every day people were outside the modest Vincent home waiting their turn to have a few minutes with her. Some aren’t sure why they have come. There are those who know exactly why they have come. They are looking for help and or hope.

The story is told mainly in the voice of Anabelle’s mother as she struggles to cope with what is now their life. Additional narrative comes Anabelle, her father and from some of the people who are drawn to her. The author deftly takes on serious issues. What do we believe in and why? Do miracles happen? If Anabelle is truly a miracle girl then what is the explanation for this? The realistic characters are complex and their relationships are intriguing. Their futures are uncertain.
I found this to be a thought provoking novel and I recommend reading it.
I received this book for free through LibraryThing Member Giveaways and I give this review of my own free will.


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