The Gray Lady of Long Branch by Maura Satchell; Four Pillars Media Group ISBN: 978-0-98570093-8-9

The Gray Lady of Long Branch, by Maura Satchell, is narrated by a Victorian house built in 1910. She starts her story in the 1950’s and what a story she has to tell. The first occupants she remembers are the Prescotts. Their story does not end well. After a time the Gray Lady is owned by the DiStefano family and it served as both their vacation home and as a rental. Even though the DeStefanos are the people we get to know the best, the Gray Lady shares her memories of the renters as well. Her tone is conversational, candid and often humorous. She is proud of her appearance. She describes her observations and expresses opinions.

The plot is engaging. The novel is so well written that only the Gray Lady could be the narrator. From the very beginning, it was easy to feel affection for the Gray Lady. The author takes on heavy issues, some of which are love, honesty, respect and loss. The characters are well developed and their stories easy to relate to. As for the ending: I didn’t see it coming!!! A total surprise.

I loved reading this unique and very special book. Highly recommended.

I received this book for free through LibraryThing and I give this review of my own free will.


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