Pandora’s Gift by Carolyn Mathews (Pandora Series-Book Three) Roundfire Books ISBN: 978 1 78535 175 4

Pandora’s Gift, the final book in Carolyn Mathew’s Pandora series, opens with Pandora going through a rough time. Her partner, Jay, loses much of their property and his business. Pandora is supporting them, but her job is threatened. As though all this upheaval isn’t enough, Archangel Cassiel appears and gives her shocking news. In order to fulfill the mission she has been given, she will have to disappear for a period of time. She risks a great deal by doing this, but there is the issue of a greater good. Does she have the strength?
The author writes with wit and flair. She brings to the reader an engrossing story filled with memorable characters, both human and otherwise. There are surprises as well as suspense. I found this to be a beautifully crafted story about love and second chances. I highly recommend reading this special book.

Pandora’s Gift is a stand alone book. However, the first two books in the series make for a great read, too. They are Transforming Pandora and Squaring Circles.


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