A Love Transformed by Tracie Peterson Bethany House Publishers ISBN9780764213267

To some it appears Clara Vesper leads a charmed life. She lives in a New York City mansion and lacks for nothing. She has two beautiful children that she adores. The truth is that she has endured a loveless marriage arranged by her domineering mother who had torn her away from Curtis, the only man she ever truly loved. When Clara’s husband is murdered she is forced to make decisions for herself. She decides to make a major life change for herself and her children. Quietly and secretly, she takes her family to her aunt and uncle’s ranch in Montana. This is the only place she had ever known happiness. What ensues after their arrival is not what she expected or hoped for. Curtis has changed and initially rejects her. While her children thrive in their new surroundings, Clara does not know how she can live so close to the man she still loves when he tells her he does not share her feelings. As if this isn’t enough, she and her children face grave danger at the hands of her mother and her former brother-in-law. Does she have the strength and courage to fight for the safety of her family? Can she convince Curtis that the love they once shared is still very much alive?

This is a well told story that deals with serious issues which includes murder, treason and treachery. The well drawn characters are compelling. Clara, Curtis and her family take great emotional risks, all the while drawing upon their faith. Even the villains in this story are realistic.

I found this to be an exciting and engrossing story. I highly recommend reading it.

I received this book for free from Bethany House and the opinions expressed in this review are my own.


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