Love’s Faithful Promise by Susan Anne Mason; Bethany House Publishers ISBN: 978-0-7642-1726-5

Love’s Faithful Promise, a novel by Susan Anne Mason, opens in New York in 1922. Deirdre O’Leary’s mother has suffered a stroke and she has rushed to her mother’s side. At her father’s request, she will leave medical school for the time being in order to help with her mother’s recuperation. Even though Deirdre is a trained nurse, a specialist in physical therapy is needed. However, Dr. Matthew Clayborne, the man probably most qualified to help Mrs. O’Leary is initially unwilling to leave his Toronto practice to travel to Long Island to see if he can help Mrs. O’Leary. After serving in the war, losing his wife and now the single parent of his a frail young daughter, Phoebe, Matthew has endured a great deal. He has vowed never to marry again and has devoted himself to his patients and his daughter. As a result of a change in his daughter’s health Matthew agrees to come to Long Island for a one month trial period as long as he can bring his daughter.

Deirdre and Matthew are very different people. He is reserved and she is outgoing and sometimes impetuous, but they have some very important things in common. One is that they both love Phoebe and want the best for her. Matthew finds that life in New York is much different than the one he has in Toronto. He begins to soften his manner, but he is adamant that his growing attachment to Deirdre has no future. Events that unfold may prove he is correct. There is another member of the O’Leary family, Connor, who finds he is attracted to a rather surprising character. Will he choose love over loyalty to his family?

The author has crafted an engrossing story that deals with serious issues. It is precisely crafted and emotionally stirring. The well developed characters are multidimensional and realistic. Their struggles are well defined, as are their successes. I found this to be a memorable book. Highly recommended.

I received a free copy of this book through Net Galley and Bethany House Publishers. The opinions expressed in this review are my own.


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