The Travelers by Chris Pavone Broadway Books ISBN 978-0-385-34850-8

When readers first meet Will Rhodes, the protagonist in The Travelers by Chris Pavone, we learn he is a man who has a conventional life, more or less. He may not have much money, but he is married to a woman he loves and his job as a travel writer provides him exposure to luxuries he cannot afford on his own. As the result of just one indiscretion, his life and world turn into something he never imagined. Suddenly it is as though he is living someone else’s life. One that is filled with secrets, danger, betrayals and deceptions. No one is who he thought they were and nothing is what it seemed. As Will becomes more immersed in a seemingly unreal universe, he surprises even himself. He learns to defend himself when he is accosted. He becomes a survivor when suddenly his life is at risk. Will wants answers. It is when Will decides to find the reason for all the chaos things become even more complicated.

The imaginative and creative novel covers a lot of ground, geographically and conceptually. It is an exciting and fast moving story that is full of well drawn characters whose often terse statements and cryptic dialogue say so much more than the words themselves. Even though this story is page turning thriller, it is also a story about work and relationships. How much are we obligated to reveal? To share?

I found this to be a fascinating story. The plot is riveting and filled with twists and turns. As for the conclusion- a total surprise.

I received a complimentary copy of this book and the opinions in this review are my own.


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