The Mother’s Promise by Sally Hepworth; St. Martin’s Press ISBN 978-1-250-07775-2

When we first meet Alice and her daughter, Zoe, they are doing all right-for them. Alice is a self-supporting single parent whose daughter suffers from social anxiety. They are totally devoted to each other. When Alice is diagnosed with a serious condition she becomes painfully aware just how alone she and Zoe are. With no friends and no family she can count on, Alice has to accept help from strangers. Slowly, the life she had worked so hard to maintain starts to unravel. The more people that become part of Alice and Zoe’s life, the more complicated things become. What follows is a sensitive portrayal of what can happen when lives intersect unexpectedly.

All the characters are well developed, believable and deftly presented. They reevaluate their lives and they look inward, drawing strengths they didn’t know they had. Their back stories are powerful and add much to the story. The pace of the story builds slowly and the narrative twists keep the reader engrossed.

I found this to be a remarkable book-one of the best I have ever read. Highly recommended.


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